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I've had a nightmare scenario a few weeks ago, my contraception pills fell between many other pills. I wasn't sure which one to use but thanks to consultations

Anna Kloppen from London, United kingdom
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I'm very happy with the service caringsurgeon provides. I get to deal with informed and nice patients everytime!

Matthew G, London United kingdom
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What a service, I am so glad to have found this website! Thank you for everything.

Suzanna Adams from Watford, United kingdom

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We did a few screenings with the local hospital, was curious to learn more about it. Here is the place to do that.

-Lucas Thompson from Austin, United states
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I've never been properly informed on how to use my birth control pills. Luckily I got a thorough consultation from the staff at caring surgeon. Thank you very much

-Ella Mentree from Watford, United kingdom
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Thank you so much! I can't believe this service has not been picked up by the mainstream

-Suzanna Adams from Windsor, United kingdom

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