Cosmetic Butt Surgery

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the types of butt surgery methods available

Butt Implants are a very popular plastic surgery procedure nowadays. Many people wish to enhance the shape, appearance and size of their butt. This improves their overall body aesthetic and make it look more appealing.

In layman’s terms, bum implants are a part of a surgical procedure. It involves the insertion of artificial body implants in a person’s body over or under the buttock muscles. This gives them a more aesthetic, appealing and sensuous rear.

Who wants implants?

People go for butt implants for various reasons. Some are just unhappy with the size or shape of their bottoms and wish to make them fuller and more appealing. While, some wish to correct some deformations of their buttocks. Changes which they might have acquired over the course of their life. It has made their buttocks look ugly and unappealing to the eye. Some others, however, go for this to correct an awkward gait. The purpose of the buttock muscles are to provide a stable walking posture, also known as gait. Due to deformed buttock muscles some people might experience awkward, unsightly gaits. Buttock implants generally correct this.

Do you qualify?

Typically, candidates for buttock implants are young people, mostly in the age range of 18-25. Similar to otoplasty. However, it does not mean that if you are not in this age range you are unqualified. As with most other surgeries, candidates should be in good physical health and psychologically stable. When you first consult a qualified surgeon, you will go through a series of sessions. First you will discuss with your surgeon your expectations from the surgery. Why do you wish to go for it? The surgeon will also examine you over this period and determine whether you are a qualified candidate for buttock implants.


The surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure. It means that it does not require overnight stay to be performed. Usually, this procedure takes about two to three hours to complete. It mostly depends on your body structure, the technique used and the physician’s experience even. The implants are placed over or below the muscle through an incision which is generally made at a place where the scars will be less noticeable.

For example the region where the buttock muscle meets the back of the calves or the buttock crease. The surgeon creates a pocket big enough to hold the implants and then places the implants properly. He then checks the symmetry of each cheek and then closes the incision. A compression garment is then applied. Generally, the patients can revert to doing work which is less intensive and does not put too much pressure on the buttocks, but complete recovery generally takes a few months.


Buttock implants have been shown to be one of the most effective methods of enhancing your buttocks.

Gives you a more sensuous look: It goes without saying that the aesthetic benefit is the most noticeable and desirable outcome of buttock implants. It enhances your body’s aesthetic looks dramatically. For people who feel that their buttocks lack volume or are not in proper shape. Getting implants is a big plus. Confidence Booster: Many people who have received buttock implants have reported feeling more confident around people because now they are less aware of how people will look at them. They become more outgoing, and begin to lead a more social life. For people who have little or no fat deposits for donation:

This is one advantage buttock implants have over buttock enhancement using fat injections. In case of fat injections, fat is taken from those places in your body where you have extra and then it is injected where desired. But some people have little or no fat deposits on their body to act as donation sites. For them, buttock implants are the best way to go. No risk of fat re-absorption: In case of fat injections, there is a risk of fat re-absorption but there is no such risk in case of buttock implants. Less cellulite


With its fair share of advantages, buttock implants come with some downsides as well. Bleeding or Nerve Muscle Damage: Although very rare, some people have claimed to have experienced bleeding or nerve muscle damage after undergoing buttock surgery to get implants. This can mostly be attributed to lack of experience of the surgeon or getting a less skilled physician. Shifting may occur: There is a fair chance that the implants may shift and lead to the buttocks looking asymmetrical and unsightly. However, to avoid this, the implants are generally placed above the sitting region. Causes pain: When the buttock implants are placed, they cause the tissues to stretch and this can cause pain, especially if the implants are placed below the muscle. This improves over time with the help of proper medication.

Infection: In cases where the buttock implants are placed through the buttock crease, infection is a possibility and should be closely monitored so that it can be treated as soon as the chance arises. To avoid this you should follow your physician’s guidelines on how to keep the incision site clean after the surgery. This procedure is often applied in mixture with a tummy tuck or a breast surgery or sometimes even both.

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