Breast enlargement

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the types of breast enlargement methods available

Breast enlargements is the surgery to make the breast much bigger. This operation is also called breast augmentation. During breast enlargement operation, the surgeon puts an implant in the breast. The implant is a soft silicone shell filled with silicone gel or saline.

Naturally, there are pros and cons for each method. On this article, we shall look at each method briefly to help you understand more about the types of breast enlargement procedures available and to make the right choice.

Different methods available for Breast Enlargements.

1. Breast Enlargement Surgery

This method is one of the most popular types of breast enlargement in the whole world. It has an excellent safety record, and the results last for between 10 and 15 years. It also depends on the way of life of the individual and how the procedure is carried out. With breast enlargement surgery, the patient gets implants placed into the breast to make them look much bigger. This procedure can be combined with breast uplift surgery. There the breast will look perkier. When compared with other breast surgery prices, breast enlargement surgery is very expensive but most effective and lasts longer.

2. Breast Enlargement Injections

Breast enlargement by injections was developed recently and but it is becoming more and more popular with people who do not want to undergo surgery. Therefore, enlargement by injection can be performed in only one method now, and that is by injecting the breast with body fat taken from elsewhere on one’s body.

3. Breast Enlargement Pills

This is a non-surgical breast enlargement method of using plants and herbs extracts to enlarge the breast. The ingredients are rich in plant estrogens which increase breast size. Although, there have been no long-term clinical studies on how effective these breast enlargement pills truly are.

4. Natural Breast Enlargement Methods

This method involves using breast enlarging creams, eating breast enlarging foods, and following breast enlarging exercises.

Who Is Eligible For Breast Enlargement.

Most women would desire to have their breast enlarged, but not all of them are suitable for this procedure. Women who fully understand what the surgery involves. Have all the information and know what the limitations of the surgery are consequently been good candidate for the surgery.

Let us look at what makes one a good candidate for breast enlargement surgery:

  • First off all you must be in good health, physically and mentally.
  • Also, do not have any significant medical concern.
  • You are not overweight or underweight.
  • Furthermore, you must be 18+ years old (but there have been exceptions) for Saline implants and 22+ years old for silicone.
  • Also, you must be self-educated and well-informed about how the procedure is done, what the risks and the benefits are.
  • Must have realistic expectations of what it will be like once the procedure is done.
  • Have enough recovery time after the Surgery.
Generally, patients take about two weeks off work for breast enlargement surgery. This is considered as the recovery period, during this time, movements must be restricted. Especially those who bend over or reach over their head. So, to recover properly, the patient will be asked not to lift heavy objects that weights over nine pounds. It means is that clients won’t be able to raise small animals or even their children. Patients must avoid all kinds of strenuous activities for 6 weeks. Normal activities can be resumed after about ten days.

Common Problems Associated With Breast Enlargement.

Breast enlargement surgery has many risks here are a few examples:

  • Constant chest pain.
  • Loss of Nipple sensation.
  • Scar tissue and hardness around the implant.
  • Tissue bleeding.
  • Infections around the breast.
  • The shape and size of the implants not uniform.
  • There is a possibility that the implants may rupture and leak.

Benefits of Breast Enlargement.

Breast enlargement is one of the most famous plastic surgery operation. Many thousands of women choose breast enlargement surgery to improve the appearance of their breast. Breast enlargement can be life-changing when performed by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon.

The technical know-how used for breast enlargement surgeries have improved in recent years, thereby allowing surgeons to achieve near perfect results. In most cases, there is no discomfort associated with the operation, and rapid recovery is expected. Patients typically start normal activities after few days.

Most of all the most significant benefit of breast enlargement is the improvement in the breast appearance. The procedure can help patients achieve their desired breast size and shape. Consequently, the procedure can also improve the patient health.
  • Breast symmetry.
  • Cleavage.
  • Breast projection.
There are other benefits patients will experience after breast enlargement, which includes the feel of youthfulness and especially a boost in self-confidence. A successful face lift has similar effects on the patients mental well-being. Are you ready for your new life? Find out the free service caring surgeons can offer you!