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Botox, medically known as Botulinum has been widely popular treatment among middle aged women. Botox helps alleviate wrinkles, the ones which come with age such as frown lines and crow’s feet. The chemical helps you look younger and hold your skin tight, instead of it sacking. Botox works by blocking the signals from the nerve to the muscle which causes the wrinkles to relax. Since the early 2000’s Botox treatments has become popular in majority of the western countries.

Note: Using Botox doesn’t guarantee that the desire effect will be achieved. The results are not permanent, you do have to maintain consistency in treatments over a longer period to have optimal results. After reading this article you will know if a Botox treatment is for you.

The treatment

Treatments are open to anyone above the age of 18 and wants to make their face appear more youthful by eliminating wrinkles. We do not encourage Botox to anyone under the age of 30. In some rare cases you can apply it under 30 but if you take a Botox treatment while your body is still producing enough collagen you risk losing your natural capabilities to produces collagen.

Botox’s treatment should only be performed by qualified practitioner. Check the credentials and reviews from previous clients because treatments done incorrectly can scar you for live, literally. No certificate, no treatment. That should be the mindset when finding a practitioner.

The treatment cycle goes as following: Firstly, you discuss with the doctor what you are expecting, he will tell you what he can deliver. He will take his measurements and information he needs to assess if you are eligible. To avoid situations such as your body not respond friendly towards the chemical the doctor needs to do an honest evaluation.

The last step of the treatment is that the doctor injects the Botox on the effected area. You can be either conscious or in narcosis in case you don’t like needles.


As mentioned before, Botox treatment does not guarantee results and it does not alleviate thread veins. The chances are very likely that you will have satisfactory results, but it’s not guaranteed. The physical results can be noticed instantly by your close friends and family. You might experience some stiffness in your face right after the injections but that should relax after a few days while your skin stays beautifully tight.

For middle aged women whom are still looking for the one this might be a miracle because they can look 20 for 10 more years. The maintenance of the Botox is specifically important over time because consistency is key.

People who have had a Botox treatment

Karen from LA, 35. Mother of two.

At first, I was incredibly sceptic about the treatment. I had this image of a blond bimbo, with big fake lips who injected the Botox herself before going to bed. Oh, what was I wrong. My experience with Botox has been more than pleasant. My husband looks at me again with the same spark as before we had our children. I would recommend it to all ladies my age.

Christine from Birmingham UK, 44.

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to get my youthful looks back. I was miserable for years, until I tried Botox. Honestly, it has changed my life. I feel so much younger and I can see it from the reactions of the people I am in contact with. This is amazing. Highly recommended.


Hopefully this article was helpful and helped you find out more about doing a treatment. You must decide for yourself if you want to do it but overall, you will experience a good result. Good luck

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